A downloadable game for Windows

At first I was very sad to hear the subject. It was a more comprehensive and open subject than I thought. Finally, I thought of my day and decided my dream theme. Son-won wants to make her dream come true in Korean. Surprisingly, it is also the name of my little daughter. :)
In the game, players go out of sight and meet unusual friends. They are all toys in the toy room. Because the background is beautiful, I wanted to convey a feeling of unrealistic textures and realistic unrealistic light sources. You can find more ways to remove stereotypes from your game.
I didn't express as much as I had imagined at first, but ... I did my best and I was satisfied. I hope my daughter can enjoy my game later. Thank you for your good experience.
PS) "RECTlight" was a great help to this project. Thank you


Keybord only

'A' 'S' 'D' 'F'=  Move (You have to play some games before you can use them.)

Shift = Dash (You have to play some games before you can use them.)

Spase Jump = JUMP 

'R' 'F' = puzzle input

Install instructions

Unzip and run directly into the 'sowon' file.


SOWON.zip 877 MB